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You may download a game ROM ONLY if you can do so legally. This means you must own the actual cartridge (or other media the ROM was distributed on) of the ROM you are downloading. Under the copyright laws of the U.S. and some of Europe, you are entitled to own a backup of any software you have paid for. Since ROMS cannot be backedup without expensive machines that not everyone has access to, the ROM images here are provided to the public as a service.

You will NEVER sell these ROMS for profit. Some game companies don't mind the distribution of their game's ROMS because they no longer exist, but they WILL mind if someone sells them.

You will NOT distribute ROMS together with emulators as a package. This is VERY important. Packaging a ROM and an emulator together could get the authors of the emulators into trouble, which would result in no updates to the emulators.

You will NEVER hold or anyone at The Downloading Spot responsible for any damage caused to your system, or for any legal actions taken against you for not obeying the above stated rules, or for any other reason. YOU are solely responsible for any and all consequences.

If you do not own a cartridge of the ROM you downloaded. YOU MUST delete it within 24 Hours.